Yes You Can Diet Plan: Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Yes You Can Diet Plan: Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Our Expert Tips and Meal Plans

Diet plans are extremely popular nowadays. It’s difficult to know what’s the best and most reliable program, process, or product with too many options. The Yes You Can! Diet Plan is an example of a program that employs food substitutes, vitamins, and coaches to assist participants with losing weight. Coaches are expected to partner with their customers, create a team, and sell Yes You Will! goods via the company’s multi-level marketing structure. It’s crucial to note that any software has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s look at the Yes You Can! solution to see if it stacks up to Noom.

Yes, You Can Plan For Health line Diet Score: 2.5 out of 5

The Yes You Can Diet is a well-known weight-reduction plan that includes regular meal substitutes and dietary supplements.

It is marketed to help you reach your ideal weight and lead a healthier lifestyle while consuming some of your favorite foods.

Still, you might be wondering if this diet really works. This article investigates the Yes you can consume fewer calories and its impacts on weight loss and health.

Yes, You Can Breakdown of the Evaluation Score for Health Line Diet Plan

Yes You Can Diet Plan


  • Overall rating: 2.5
  • Rapid weight loss: 4
  • Long term weight loss: 2
  • Easy to follow: 2
  • Nutritional quality: 2  

 The Yes You Can diet, which relies on supplements and meal replacements, may be useful for short-term weight loss. However, it is very restrictive, low in calories, and expensive. Nor has it been the subject of in-depth studies.

What is the yes that you can eat?

The Yes You Can Diet Plan is a meal replacement program that contains shakes and dietary supplements and can be purchased on the company’s website.

The system was created by Alejandro Cabin, who founded the company in 2012 after losing 160 pounds (73 kg) using similar weight loss methods.

Yes You Can Diet Plan

The drugs are sold as “clinically proven” to aid in weight loss. They can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.

Their most famous box is the “Transform Kit”: On The Go 60, a 30-day shipment of milkshakes and supplements that includes:

  • Complete meal replacement. 

    Two cans (30 servings) of fortified powder for making shakes. Per serving contains 200 calories, 20 grams of milk-based protein, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Slim Down. 

    Thirty capsules containing a blend of green tea extract, caffeine, L-carnation, and other ingredients. It is promoted as a way to “eat more calories” and “increase your energy level.”

  • Support of appetite. 

    Thirty capsules containing a mixture of herbs, chromium, and amino acids purportedly reduce hunger and food intake.

  • Collagen. 

    30 bovine collagen capsules as well as a vitamin and mineral mix sold to “maintain skin elasticity” and “promote good hair and nails.”

  •  Colon Optimizer. 

    30 capsules of probiotics and herbal supplements are advertised to help promote gut health and prevent gas and bloating.

  • Nutritional guide. 

    A nutrition and lifestyle guide that tells you what, when, and how much to eat.

  • Heart band. 

    A heart-shaped bracelet with directions for applying pressure to your wrist when pessimistic feelings about “junk food, doubt, and anxiety” cloud your vision.

The Yes You Can diet revolves around low-calorie meal replacements and food supplements. It is advertised to help you lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Yes You Can Diet Plan


How does it work?

The Yes You Can Diet Plan works by replacing one or two main meals with an enriched shake each day. He also recommends that you take daily dietary supplements and follow the traffic light diet for your other meals and snacks.

Meal replacement shakers

Yes, you can substitute meal replacements for smoothies that are low in calories and high in protein.

A single serving of meal replacement powder provides 200 calories, 15 grams of carbohydrate, 7 grams of fat, and 20 grams of protein.

For the most part, this is a much lighter meal than usual. So, milkshakes can lead to weight loss by limiting calories.

Indeed, many studies have shown that shaken meal replacements can be an effective approach to weight loss (1, 2, 3).

However, there are no published studies on Yes You Can shake specifically.


The Yes You Can Diet Plan program contains four dietary supplements marketed to “assist you in your transformation.”

When taken daily, these weight loss supplements are meant to boost your metabolism, reduce hunger, promote good gut health, and revitalize hair, skin, and nails.

Yes You Can Diet Plan

While there are no studies on these specific supplements, research supports a few of their key ingredients.

For example, some studies suggest that green tea extract – found in the Slim Down supplement – can lead to significant weight loss and aid in weight maintenance, but results are mixed (4,5).

Traffic light regime

The Yes You Can Weight Loss Plan includes a nutritional guide to supplement meal replacements and supplements.

The article describes portion proportions and how to stick to a traffic light diet. The traffic light regime began in the 1970s to help fight the rising rate of childhood obesity. It has since been adopted by many weight loss programs, including Yes You Can (6, 7).

The concept is simple. Foods are divided into three categories:

  • Red foods. These are foods to avoid. Examples are fried foods, fast foods, high-fat meats, cereal-based desserts, and soft drinks.
  • Yellow foods. These are foods that you can eat from time to time. Refined foods, eggs, and low-fat dairy products are examples.
  • Green foods. These are foods that you can eat often. For example, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, fish, and most fresh fruits and vegetables.

Studies have shown that the original traffic light diet may be helpful for weight management in children, but there is no research on its effectiveness for adults (6).

Additionally, no study has evaluated the Yes, you can do it version.

Low-calorie drinks and weight-loss vitamins are substituted for one or two meals a day on the Yes You Can diet. He also follows a portion-controlled traffic light diet for remaining meals and snacks.


Reducing calorie intake is essential for weight loss, but it cannot be easy in an environment filled with energizing and energizing foods.

There are no studies on Yes You Can shake for a diet plan. However, research suggests that meal replacement shakes can help you lose and maintain weight by controlling portion sizes, creating a calorie deficit, and keeping you full with fewer calories (3, 7).

Yes You Can Diet Plan

In a 12-week study, 45 dieters lost an average of 11 pounds (5 kg) by replacing two meals a day with healthy meal replacements (1).

In another study, people lost an average of 25 pounds (11 kg) following a low-calorie diet that included two meal replacement shakes per day for 16 weeks (8).

Plus, an in-depth review of six studies found that meal replacements may be more effective than traditional low-calorie diets.

The reviews found that dieters who used meal replacement drinks daily lost 7-8% of their body weight, compared to 3-7% on a traditional low-calorie diet (9).

The Yes You Can diet Plan can lead to weight loss by controlling portion sizes and reducing overall calorie intake.

Other potential benefits

The Yes You Can diet may have some benefits in addition to helping you lose weight.

Convenient and portable

Yes, you can order products from the website and have them shipped right to your door.

Since you only need to add water, milkshakes are easy to prepare and particularly convenient if you lead an active lifestyle.

In addition, they are portable. Having a Yes that you can shake handy can keep you from grabbing something unhealthy or calorie-dense while you’re on the go.

On the other hand, relying on smoothies can prevent you from building healthy, lasting habits, like cooking and planning nutritious options for busy days.

As a result, you may return to old, unsuccessful habits as soon as you stop dieting.

May help boost vitamin and mineral intake during a diet

When you are on a low-calorie diet, you cannot get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy (10).

Yes, You can make meal replacement shakes that are fortified with 21 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and iron – two nutrients that people are typically deficient in (11,12)

However, shakes lack some essential nutrients, like calcium and potassium.

A single serving of meal replacement powder provides only 8% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDA) for calcium and only 2% of the RDA for potassium.

Yes You Can Diet Plan

This means that your other meals and snacks must be very high in calcium and potassium or that you must buy and take another supplement to avoid nutrient deficiencies. 

Yes, you can is a promising diet solution for busy people. The shakes are convenient, portable, and provide 21 essential vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet. However, it can be low in other nutrients, such as calcium and potassium.

 Possible disadvantages

While the Yes You Can diet can help you lose weight, it does come with several downsides.

Yes You Can Do Hard Working And Hold Diet Plan

The Yes You Can diet can help you lose weight fast, but it can be difficult to follow in the long term because it is very restrictive.

You’re not only limited to one or two replacements a day. But the strategy advocates a rigid variant of the traffic light diet for the other meals.

This diet eliminates many foods, including some healthy options like bananas and mangoes.

Studies suggest that meal replacement diets can be difficult to stick to (1, 2).

For example, 49% of participants dropped out of a 12-week study that replaced lunch and dinner with a drink (1).

The products are highly processed.

Yes, highly refined milkshakes might not be the healthiest option. The effects of the shakes packed with 21 vital nutrients cannot be due to a balanced lifestyle. Whole foods offer a lot more than what the nutrition labels say.

Fresh fruits, herbs, whole grains, and legumes include plant products that have been related to a wide range of health benefits (13).

Yes You Can Use Multilevel Marketing To Sell Products For Diet Plan

Through a layered marketing strategy, Yes You Can coaches buys products at a discount and resells them to you directly for a profit.

According to the website, the coaches also offer one-on-one advice and support.

This can be risky because there is no indication that these coaches have any standardized diet, fitness, or therapy experience.

The Yes You Can diet may be overwhelming to follow, depending on highly processed ingredients not equivalent to safe, genuine eating benefits. Additionally, coaches within the company may not be qualified to provide health advice.


According to the Yes You Should Diet Plan, five meals should be spread equally throughout the day.

One or two of your main meals should be meal replacements that you can shake up, while other meals and snacks should follow the plan’s nutritional guidelines.

Yes You Can Diet Plan

Here’s an example of a 3-day meal plan:

Yes, First Day You Can Diet plan

  • Breakfast. One serving of a complete meal replacement and one capsule each of Slim Down, Appetite Support, Collagen, and Colon Optimizer.
  • Snack. A small handful of sunflower seeds.
  • Lunch. Chicken fajitas with peppers and two flour tortillas.
  • Snack. Tuna salad with celery stalks.
  • Having dinner. One serving of a full meal substitute. 

Yes, The Second Day You Can Diet plan

  • Breakfast. One serving of a complete meal replacement and one capsule each of Slim Down, Appetite Support, Collagen, and Colon Optimizer.
  • Snack. A small handful of almonds mixed with chili powder.
  • Lunch. A full meal substitute in one serving.
  • Snack. Chicken salad with cucumber slices.
  • Having dinner. Shrimp stir-fry.

Yes, The Third Day You Can Diet plan

  • Breakfast. White vegetable omelet with whole wheat English muffin and a capsule of Slim Down, Appetite Support, Collagen, and Colon Optimizer.
  • Snack. A smattering of mixed nuts and seeds.
  • Lunch. 1 serving of a whole meal substitute.
  • Snack. Slices of turkey and tomato rolled in lettuce leaves.
  • Having dinner. One serving of a whole meal substitute.

The Yes You Can diet recommends five meals distributed evenly throughout the day. A day plan can include one or two meal replacement shakes and two or three approved meals and snacks.

The Yes You Can Diet is a convenient, portable weight loss system that reduces your calorie intake with meal replacement drinks and a portion-controlled diet.

This approach to dieting may be effective for rapid weight loss, although no studies exist for the Yes You Can diet itself.

For a long-term solution that is beneficial for weight loss and overall health, consider eating a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and more healthy fats.



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